Any Property Report, Fast

Our software goes beyond your standard property inventory app. With our versatile system, it is possible to complete any type of property report – from check in to check out, inventories to inspections and change over reports to surveys. Property reporting has never been easier.

Perhaps you are new to the property industry and are looking for an easy, efficient way to navigate accurate reporting. Or maybe you are a well-established business, investor or landlord looking to streamline longstanding processes. Whether you’re a commercial agent, a letting agent, a landlord or an inventory clerk, you can enjoy software with fully-customisable reports which saves you time and reduces costs.

Our property reporting app can even be used for the hospitality industry. Whether you’re managing a hotel or using a platform to advertise a room or property for a short term let, our app can be used for multiple functions including change over reports and monitoring maintenance.

Whoever you are, our cutting-edge software is adaptable and can be tailored to meet your needs with accuracy and efficiency. Cumbersome checklists and piles of paperwork are a thing of the past!

Fully Customisable, Time-Saving Features


Our app is integrated with state of the art voice recognition software. As you work your way around a room describing each item and its condition, your dictation is automatically typed into the report with optimum accuracy, making property reporting faster and more productive than ever before.


You can duplicate a room and rename it. For example, if you are in a new build property and the bedrooms have exactly the same doors, woodwork, windows, ceiling, and flooring, you can complete the first room description then hit “duplicate room”. You can then edit the details within each item.


You are able to include as many signatures within your templates as you wish. For instance, you can have a health and safety signature confirming your tenants have witnessed you testing the alarms, a separate signature confirming your tenants’ presence at check in and another confirming they have been through the rental property report with you.


The agenda will automatically show you the appointments you have booked for that specific day. You can view the bookings diary for any day, adding and amending as required. Meanwhile, the integrated map shows you the exact property location and links to Google Maps if you need further directions.


All of our high resolution photos are automatically date stamped and the images will appear within the property report under the relevant section.


We offer a fully customisable list of commonly used phrases, so you can replicate terms with a click of a button.


This useful tool enables you to view all previous reports, so you can quickly and easily remind yourself of any issues previously raised at a property before attending another appointment there.

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