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Prepare to be flooded with five star feedback! Keep your clients smiling by delivering prompt, high-quality service through our EZ Property Reports app.


Should an item in the property report not meet compliance regulations, you can slide a toggle which immediately alerts your client or property manager to deal with the issue, ensuring all matters are dealt with in a timely manner.


This feature creates a flag on the dashboard next to any item needing maintenance. These can then be instantly picked up by clients or property management, ensuring these important issues are never forgotten.


Quickly resolve disagreements through comparison reports. These clearly outline any differences between check in and check out reports, so that the change in a property’s condition is easily identifiable and deposit disputes can therefore be resolved.

Management Features and Ongoing Support to Maximise your Productivity

Our sophisticated and dynamic app is designed for everyone to be able to use. We will provide full training to ensure that you get the best out of the app, even if you have never carried out a property report before. Not only that, but we also provide ongoing support to answer any queries until you understand our property app inside-out and are reporting to the standard of a professional inventory clerk!

Meanwhile, the cloud-based dashboard on our app goes beyond coordinating your inventory reports and offers an innovative suite of professional management tools to organise your team, coordinate tasks and maximise productivity.


Easily approve and monitor staff availability and holiday in a central location, ensuring team cohesion and sufficient staff coverage.


Keep your business running smoothly and make sure that nothing gets overlooked. Your reports section shows you any reports you have started work on that are yet to be completed. Additionally, agency managers can report on any outstanding items that are awaiting approval, ensuring all reports are being dealt with in a timely manner.


Our quality control features were developed with agents in mind, enabling you to view and approve any reports before sending on to clients. In your agency settings you can choose whether reports are sent to your team or your client for approval. Reports are sent as soon as the clerk finishes it.


Tenants have seven days following the creation of a check in report to make comments online which can easily be viewed by the property manager or landlord. Not only does this instantly eliminate the need for any additional admin, but the content can easily be viewed again when assessing the property for the check out report.


As soon as a report is awaiting agency approval, your invoice is generated. This can then be sent straight to your client.


You can generate reports on income raised which can be exported to Excel at the click of a button. These reports are adaptable with most accountancy systems.

Become more efficient and increase productivity by reducing the time it takes to create professional property reports.  Reports created using the EZ-App will outshine your competitors, helping you win more business.

The reports are customisable and branded with your company logo and colours.  Feel free to use our standard templates or customise to suit your needs.

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