Have you ever considered how much more money you could earn by bringing your property reports in house? With EZ’s brand new property reporting app, you can do just that, and earn up to £500,000 in extra revenue each year.
We’ve been working with the best developers and the latest technologies to bring an app to the market that can not only speed up the reporting process but can improve customer service, too. Check out some of our favorite features of the app below…

Voice Recognition

When it came to voice recognition, there was simply no compromising. The voice recognition software embedded in our app is the best on the market: say something, and it will appear. The result is faster reporting with no more embarrassing slip ups and no more time spent typing up reports.

Duplicate Room feature

Some rooms all look the same, right? It can get tiresome to repeat the same features of every room in the house – especially in a new build where each room really is identical. Thanks to our duplicate room feature, you can now repeat a room, relabel it, and make any edits needed. Simple!

Quality date-stamped photographs

When it comes to deposit disputes, a quality photograph can make all the difference. All of our images are date-stamped and in high resolution, meaning that any inconsistencies between reports are clearly identifiable. In fact, whilst using our software, one of our clients reported that only 3% of their tenancies went to TDS in one year. Result!

Commonly used phrases

Let’s face it – property reporting can get quite repetitive. But with our commonly used phrases feature, you can simply select the phrase you want with one click – making you sound less like a broken record.

Electronic signatures

In today’s climate, electronic signatures are vital to reduce unnecessary contact with clients and generally make processes quickly and smoothly. Our app has been developed with state of the art electronic signing technology so you can obtain as many signatures as you need with ease.

Compliance and maintenance flags

With the EZ Property Reports app, you can flag compliance and maintenance issues to the property owner instantly so that any outstanding jobs are dealt with quickly and safely. You can therefore rest easy knowing that you’ll never miss a compliance or maintenance issue again!

Agenda and map for all upcoming appointments

Know exactly where you need to be at every hour of the working day. Our agenda feature will automatically show you the appointments you have booked for that specific day, which you can add or amend. Meanwhile, the integrated map system will show you the exact property location and links through to Google Maps, getting you from A to B without the complications.

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