A testimonial from James May
A testimonial from James May

James May is the COO of Prospect Estate Agency, an independent estate and lettings agency with ten offices across Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire. When the lettings department started having issues with the inventory providers that they were outsourcing, James was responsible for bringing inventory reports in-house, with amazing results…

“Outsourcing inventory reports is certainly not cheap!”

As COO of Prospect, when a problem arises it is my responsibility to come up with a practical solution. Thus, when the head of the lettings department expressed frustration at finding reliable inventory providers for our rental properties, I knew that something needed to be done.

The lettings team were wasting far too much time organising appointments with different companies and chasing inventory clerks to send over reports in a given timeframe – not to mention the fact that each provider varied in quality. This lead to inconsistencies and was costly in terms of negative customer experience, time wasted, and of course, in financial expense – outsourcing inventory reports is certainly not cheap!

This stumbling block came at a time where Prospect were looking to expand, so myself and former colleague Sarah Goddard saw an opportunity that would not only allow us to take control of our own reporting, but would also generate an extra stream of income for the business…

“We quickly saw how much extra income was generated by bringing these reports in-house”

With her background in implementing and training staff on property software, Sarah was the perfect person to head up this new initiative. She set about recruiting and training a reliable team of professional, self-employed Inventory Clerks, trained the lettings staff at Prospect on the importance of reporting and taught them how to use the online booking system, where they can also access and review reports immediately after completion. Thus, EZ Property Reports was born as an extension of the Prospect group!

Before long, there was a steady flow of reports being booked through EZ. With Sarah monitoring Prospect’s conversion of completions to inventory reports, we quickly saw how much extra income was generated by simply bringing these reports in-house rather than outsourcing. The quality was consistent, and our letting agents and property managers had more time to spend focusing on customer satisfaction instead of chasing inventory providers. Win win! Soon enough, EZ were also receiving bookings from other agencies and implementing their high quality reports all across the home counties.

“It’s been one of the best business moves we have ever made”

Now that EZ have developed a revolutionary reporting app, it is easier than ever to bring your property reports in house like Prospect did. The results speak for themselves – we have added another healthy income stream to the business, streamlined our operation, and have received glowing feedback from our clients regarding the level of detail, format, and structure of the reports. And thanks to the maintenance and compliance feature of the reports, I can now sleep at night knowing we are on top of compliance issues! It’s been one of the best business moves we have ever made, and I would recommend it to anyone!

With EZ’s new app, you can bring high quality reporting into your business AND receive industry-leading training from Sarah to turn your lettings team into professional inventory clerks. You might even choose to set up a new reporting business like we did, and using EZ’s white label software, you can put your own branding all through the app to make it your own.

Though I may be biased, from experience I can honestly say that bringing your property reports in-house with EZ would be a great move for any letting agency.

Are you ready to transform your business by bringing property reporting in house? Click here to download the app and start your free trial today!


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