An interview with Sarah Goddard
An interview with Sarah Goddard

After 10 years of providing high quality property reports to our clients, EZ Property Reports have released revolutionary software to allow clients to bring their inventory reports, check in reports, midterm inspections and check out reports in-house in order to generate an extra revenue stream for their business. Sarah Goddard, Head of EZ Property Reports, tells us all about the app, her favourite features and what inspired her to develop it.

1. What inspired you to develop the EZ Property Reports software?
When I founded EZ, I took the time to trial and test all the apps on the market in search for the most efficient reporting software. I found that dictating into a device was the fastest way to produce reports, however at this point voice recognition technology wasn’t quite developed enough to fully take advantage of this method. Initially we used an app where you could dictate and then pay a transcription fee, but not only was this very expensive, you also had to wait for the reports to be transcribed and check them through as there would always be mistakes.

At this point, I realised that there was a gap in the market for an app that is simple to use and adopts the most accurate voice recognition. How many other inventory providers would benefit from such an app? And crucially, how many letting agents would benefit from using this simple software to bring property reporting in house and generate more income? From there, the idea for the EZ Property Reports software was born.

2. Why was it important for you to develop an alternative solution to outsourcing reports?
With the abolishment of admin fees and the fierce competition on the lettings market right now, it is harder than ever for letting agents to maximise their income. By creating a solution for agents to carry out their own property reports, our software gives agents the opportunity to generate extra revenue.

3. What do you think is the most valuable feature of the app?
Despite its state-of-the-art voice recognition technology and abundance of time-saving features, I would have to say that the most valuable feature for me is that EZ Property Reports offers more than just an app. Any agency that adopts our software has access to the online dashboard that also offers a complete property reporting management suite. You can book and manage appointments, view reports, report on auto invoices raised and clearly view which reports have flagged maintenance and compliance issues. For me, this is by far the highlight for our clients as it means you can sleep well knowing that your team are on top of ensuring all the issues reported are being dealt with and nothing is forgotten!

4. What is motivating letting agents to use your new software?
I think the app is appealing to lots of letting agents that have not had previous experience of carrying out reports in house, as the app comes with the added benefit of support and training from professional Inventory clerks. Not only will our clerks walk them through the software, but they will also share their expertise in the field and help make the software users experts themselves. I believe this is what sets the app apart from its competitors on the market.

5. How do you intend to keep up to date with market trends in the next few years?
Although our time saving features are currently the best on the market, I acknowledge that there is always room for improvement, and I am constantly keeping an eye on current trends to ensure we keep our strong position on the market. One thing I have noticed is that videos are becoming more and more popular across the property industry, and in time I intend to develop the app to support videos as a way of property reporting. As new technologies are developed in coming years, there will be the opportunity to integrate with other platforms and work with different partners to offer the best possible solution to property reporting.

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